Haris Charalampos AntypasI’m Haris Charalampos Antypas, a PhD-student in Richter-Dahlfors group, part of theĀ Swedish Medical Nanoscience Center at Karolinska Institute.

While specialisingĀ in infection biology, I became fascinated by technology and how it can be used to improve healthcare. In my projects I combine microbiology with technology to understand host-pathogen interactions and develop novel diagnostic tools for infection. In collaboration with a team of engineers, medical doctors and microbiologists, I’m currently working on the following projects:

– Real-time studies of host-pathogen interactions using biomimetic models

– Development of a nanowell device for rapid testing of antibiotic susceptibility

– Novel probes for the detection of biofilm-associated infections

– Development of a platform for high-throughput screening of single bacteria